Powador 48.0 - 72.0 TL3 Park

The Park has the power.

The Powador 48.0 TL3 Park and 72.0 TL3 Park are transformerless, 3-phase units with AC powers of 40.0 kVA and 60.0 kVA.
As efficient and flexible as the Powador 30.0 TL3 to 60.0 TL3, these solar PV inverters are ideally suited for connection to the external transformers of decentralised commercial and utility-scale solar power plants.


Powador 48.0 - 72.0 TL3 Park
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Powador 48.0 - 72.0 TL3 Park


Our Powador TL3 Park units are transformerless inverters with an output voltage of 480 V. This caters for a frequent need in designing large-scale solar power plants that  require connection to external transformers.

Powerful, more powerful, Powador Park

The input voltage range is particularly broad: the inverters switch to the grid from 250 V, and, when in operation, they still feed in at 200 V. The peak efficiency of the Powador 48.0 TL3 Park is 98.0 %; the larger unit even achieves 98.3 %. The European efficiencies of 97.9 % and 98.0 % are also worth noting. These features make them powerful workhorses in your quest for maximum energy yields!

XL cost-effective

In addition to the M version, the Powador Park units are available in three more versions: XL, XL-F and XL SPD 1+2. The XL version rounds off the features that make these solar PV inverters the optimal choice for decentralised PV system designs, even up to utility-scale applications. The integrated string collector with string fuses and overvoltage protection opens up significant cost advantages. 4 strings can be connected per MPP tracker with the Powador 48.0 TL3 Park, and even 5 strings per MPP tracker of the Powador 72.0 TL3 Park. This allows for cost-effective, clearly arranged cabling. Our XL-F version comes with fuses at the plus and minus DC connections. The XL SPD 1+2 version includes surge protection devices type 1+2 placed before each MPP tracker.



  • 98.0% efficiency
  • 3 MPP trackers, symmetrical and asymmetrical loading
  • Wide MPP range


  • Max. number of strings per inverter: 15 (Powador 72.0 TL3 Park), 12 (Powador 48.0 TL3 Park)
  • Cost-saving, DC input configuration available
  • Country-specific, default settings and multilingual menu for easy installation


  • Graphical display
  • Integrated data logger with web server
  • USB interfaces for updates