blueplanet 3300 TL3 outdoor

The safe bet when raising the stakes.

The blueplanet 3300 TL3 outdoor answers your call for the most powerful central inverter to be employed in utility-scale PV projects: The inverter has an output of 3300 kVA and an input voltage of 1500 V.

blueplanet 3300 TL3 outdoor
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blueplanet 3300 TL3 outdoor


The blueplanet 3300 TL3 outdoor features the protection class NEMA 3R for outdoor installation an can be used as part of an Integrated Power Station (IPS). Inverters, medium voltage transformer and balance of system equipment are mounted together on a single base plate, to create a ready-to-use, functional unit. There is also extra space for additional equipment such as monitoring accessories, weather stations, or tracker control units. In this fashion, the IPS caters for the growing need for fast and efficient execution of lage-scale solar farms.

Fully digital control 

The blueplanet 3300 TL3 outdoor provides unique user-friendliness – irrespective of whether your operate it locally or by means of remote access over the internet. The inverter equipped with fully digital control and communicates via Sunspec Modbus TCP and RTU protocol, among others. The user interface consists of a large, graphical color LCD with touch panel. You advantages are:


  • Easy operation, quick maintenance
  • Multiple options for monitoring, control and communication
  • Activation of country-specific settings at the push of a button

Protecting your investment

This adds up to smooth, cost-effective installation and commissioning of the blueplanet 3300 TL3 outdoor. Once in operation, your investment security has high priority. The inverter has an efficiency of 98.5%. In addition, it delivers its full rated power in an ambient temperature range of -20 to +50 °C, making it suitable for use in desert-like as well as cold climates.




  • 1,500 Volt input voltage
  • 98.5% efficiency
  • 825 V ... 1500 V operating range
  • Continuous full output power at ambient temperatures up to +50 °C



  • NEMA 3R enclosure for outdoor use
  • Adjustable cos phi from 0 ind. to 0 cap.
  • Turnkey solution available with inverters, disconnection units, transformer, and accessories



  • 7" color TFT LCD with touch panel for convenient operation
  • Continuous, remote monitoring
  • Sunspec Modbus TCP and RTU for flexible monitoring and control