blueplanet 50.0 TL3 INT

Up with economy, down with costs.

The blueplanet 50.0 TL3 INT is a solar PV inverter for commercial and industrial-scale solar power plants that feature a decentralized plant concept.
The transformerless, 3-phase unit offers an intelligent design for simple installation: 50 kVA that are easy to transport, hang up and take down outdoors – even on the module support.

blueplanet 50.0 TL3 INT
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blueplanet 50.0 TL3 INT


The blueplanet 50.0 TL3 INT comes in three versions and is specifically geared towards your respective cost strategy:

  • The Basic version offers you everything you need if you are installing string collectors and overvoltage protection externally. There are no double costs in store for you.
  • Rely on the M version if you intend to use external string collectors. Sockets for the DC and the AC side plug-and-play combined arrestors are already fitted.
  • The XL version comes fitted with 10 string fuses and includes the DC side type 1 and 2 combined arrestor, as well as the socket for the AC side plug-and-play combined arrestor.

Creates cost benefits on the DC and AC side

The DC-switch is of course preinstalled in all versions. The blueplanet 50.0 TL3 Basic and M support large cable cross sections on the DC and AC side. The benefit to you: reduced cabling loss, less sub-distribution. You can lay copper cable as before, or seize the opportunity of using aluminium ones that are less expensive.

On the AC side, you also have your choice of cables with the blueplanet 50.0 TL3 XL. On the DC side, Sunclix plug connectors simplify the installation process.

The durable aluminium housing is suitable for outdoor use. The inverter only derates power from +50 °C upwards; this feature makes it particularly well-suited for operation in hot climates.

The perfect inverter for coastal areas

The OD+ variant of the blueplanet 50.0 TL3 has been equipped with special parts so as to make it permanently resilient against salt air corrosion in coastal areas: Whereas installation is not usually recommended up to a distance of 2000 meters from the sea, the OD+ can be installed as near as 500 meters from the shoreline.



  • Compact and light for wall mounting
  • Wide MPP range for longer strings
  • Up to 40% inverter oversizing possible


  • Cost-saving AC and DC input configurations available
  • Large cable cross-sections possible for copper and aluminium cables
  • External interface switches unnecessary if used with Powador-protect


  • IP65 aluminium housing for outdoor installation
  • Input voltage up to 1,100 V for flexibility and safety in the DC design
  • Adjustable cos phi from 0.3 ind. to 0.3 cap. for special reactive power requirements