blueplanet Ultraverter System

Simple. Strong. Universal.

The Ultraverter system combines the best features of DC optimizers, string inverters and micro-inverters in one advanced concept.
It comes with a completely new "AC series connection" system architecture. Ultraverters are suitable for residential, as well as medium-scale, commercial solar power plants.

PREVIEW. Initially available on the US-American market from the end of 2015 onwards.


blueplanet Ultraverter System
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blueplanet Ultraverter System
blueplanet Ultraverter System


The blueplanet Ultraverter system ensures reliability and availability by means of a low voltage solid state construction, allowing maximum energy production with a self-healing system. Safety is enhanced with integrated module level disconnection, and the entire solution is AC only.

One world, one inverter

Logistics are simple with one product for all global grid types. Design and installation are free from unique project considerations.

The blueplanet ultraverter is the core of the concept.
Main functions:

  • DC/AC conversion at module voltages
  • MPP tracking at module level
  • Communication of the yield data at module level
  • Power cut off, if required for safety reasons

The gateway to the grid

The blueplanet ultragate grid connection box assumes the tasks of intelligent string management, the connection to the grid, and the communication with the operator.
Main functions:

  • Intelligent string monitoring and management
  • Fulfills all grid feed-in safety requirements
  • Communication interface between the PV generator and the remote monitoring system
  • Surge protection with remote monitoring

PREVIEW. Initially available on the US-American market from the end of 2015 onwards.


  • Compatible with all line voltages worldwide
  • Easy plant design and installation
  • Highest up-time
  • Intelligent power balancing eliminates loss from shading or soiling
  • Low voltage operation
  • Self-healing system
  • AC system
  • Module level disconnection