Powador 2002 - 6002

High flexibility. Easy installation.

The Powador 2002 to 6002 solar PV inverters are single-phase units with transformer and AC powers ranging from 1.65 kVA, 2.5 kVA, 3.5 kVA,
4.2 kVA to 5.0 kVA.

They feature easy system design, effortless installation and highest degrees of efficiency for residential solar power plants.

Powador 2002 - 6002
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Installation of the Powador 2002 to 6002 solar PV inverters is easy: all required connections for communication are located on a single circuit board in the housing. MC4 plug connectors allow for quick, safe DC wiring from the outside of the unit.

The Powador 2002 to 6002 skillfully make use of the advantages of galvanically isolated inverters. The wide MPP range guarantees extremely flexible PV system planning. Where transformerless units are out of the question, the inverters of the Powador 02 series can handle even complex PV system designs.

These inverters are available with Priwatt to manage the self-consumption of your solar power.



  • Wide MPP range
  • RS485 interface for monitoring
  • Durable components and approved technology for a wide range of applications

Easy to install: 

  • MC4 plug connectors for safe and easy DC wiring
  • Capable of reactive power