blueplanet 3.0 TL1 - 5.0 TL1

Small system? Big convenience.
Highest yields!

The blueplanet TL1 fulfil each and every requirement expected of modern solar PV inverters for use in residential PV systems: they are light and can be installed quickly; all essential technical features are included in the price; reliable operation and yields are guaranteed.

blueplanet 3.0 TL1 - 5.0 TL1
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blueplanet 3.0 TL1 - 5.0 TL1


Operators of small PV systems are sure to find the right inverter due to the finely differentiated output range with AC powers of 3.0 kVA, 3.5 kVA, 3.7 kVA, 4.0 kVA, 4.6 kVA and 5.0 kVA.

A wide voltage range allows for a multitude of string designs. Having 2 MPP trackers, which can each process the whole AC power, system layout is a breeze.

Self-consumption of solar energy

If you want to use your self-generated solar power in your own home, the blueplanet TL1 also come with our free Priwatt function for managing self-consumption.

Easy installation and feed-in management

With their low weight, these solar PV inverters are almost fun to mount. Using plug-in connectors on the DC and on the AC side, they are also just as quickly connected as they are mounted.

Does your PV system need to provide feed-in management? An extension module allows performance targets sent by the grid operator via ripple control receiver to be put into action by these inverters themselves; this does away with an intermediate data logger.


Flexible and powerful

  • 2 MPP trackers
  • Wide MPP range
  • Priwatt function for the self-consumption of solar power, ready for storage 

Easy to install

  • Lightweight
  • Straightforward mounting
  • Convenient AC and DC cabling thanks to plug-in connectors


  • Numerous, pre-installed communication interfaces
  • Data logger with web server
  • Clearly laid out, graphical display, intuitive menu navigation