Powador Mini-Argus

Make short work of long cables.

The Powador Mini-Argus is an external generator junction box for the M version of the Powador 30.0 TL3 to 72.0 TL3 Park inverters. Use of the Powador Mini-Argus makes it possible to combine the module strings near the PV modules.

Powador Mini-Argus
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Powador Mini-Argus


The Powador Mini-Argus integrates the string fuse, the overvoltage protection and the DC disconnect in a separate housing and can be installed apart from the inverters.

The DC combiner can be used outdoors: it is dust-proof, completely protected against contact and protected against water jets from all directions according to protection rating IP65.

The Powador Mini-Argus is generally used if there is a long distance between the modules and the inverters – it saves you the tedious work of laying cables for all module strings over the entire distance. Up to 3 combiner boxes with a maximum of 5 strings each can be used for each inverter.


  • DC disconnect
  • Overvoltage protection
  • String fuse
  • Up to 3 Powador Mini-Argus with a maximum of 5 strings each for each inverter
  • Protection rating IP65
  • Direct connection of DC strings