Powador Argus

Intelligence in a box.

For connecting large solar fields to our central inverters, we recommend the use of an "intelligent" generator junction box (GJB) – our Powador Argus string monitoring box.

Powador Argus
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Powador Argus


With the Powador Argus, the PV generator can be monitored in detail, faults are detected and are directly evaluated using a monitoring / SCADA system. Of course, the string fuse and overvoltage protector are included. Yet another feature: the string current can be read directly in the box.

Field use has shown that the dimensions of DC lines can vary greatly due to the long cable lengths in systems with central inverters in the upper power range. Thus, the integrated bolt terminals provide universal connection options for various cable diameters. The communication line is connected using spring terminals.

All cable connections are located on the underside of the unit and ensure that neither dirt nor moisture can enter.


  • Double string monitoring
  • For 24 strings
  • Overvoltage protection
  • DC switch integrated
  • String fuse
  • Aluminum housing (IP65)