blueplanet gridsave 1000 TL3

Mega-storage. Infinite energy. Stable grid.

KACO new energy is opening up a whole new dimension with the blueplanet gridsave 1000 TL3, a storage solution in the megawatt class.
This bidirectional battery inverter supports public utilities, distribution system operators, EPCs and large businesses alike in grid management in order to balance generation and load of power networks.

blueplanet gridsave 1000 TL3
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blueplanet gridsave 1000 TL3
blueplanet gridsave 1000 TL3


The blueplanet gridsave 1000 TL3 is a bidirectional battery inverter with a rated power of 1,000 kVA. By charging and discharging batteries it helps frequency regulation by means of static grid support and also offers a Fault Ride Through function.

Infinite storage options

The grid in question can be the national grid as well as a grid-tied power supply of a small town or industrial facility: The size of the storage system is scalable according to requirements.

The blueplanet gridsave 1000 TL3 communicates via Modbus. This widespread interface allows for a large number of available controllers to manage the battery inverter. It can therefore easily meet individual requirements in the design of a storage system.

The blueplanet gridsave 1000 TL3 is compatible with all common battery technologies. Another advantage is the flexible composition of the energy mix: the battery inverter can handle conventional energy sources as well as wind and solar.

Thanks to its technical features, the inverter is suitable for large-scale peak shaving and self-consumption.


  • Static and dynamic grid support
  • 1,000 kVA rated power
  • Scalable system
  • AC-coupled
  • Various battery types possible
  • Modbus communication interface for use with different controllers

Commercial storage

Here you can watch the product presentation of the decentralised 50 kVA battery inverter blueplanet gridsave 50.0 TL3-S as a video at Intersolar Europe 2018