Integrated Power Station

All in one and ready to feed in.

The Integrated Power Station provides you with the most extensive support in implementing utility-scale solar power plants.
Inverters, medium voltage transformer and disconnection units for the DC and AC side can be mounted together on a single base plate to create a ready-to-use, functional unit.

Integrated Power Station
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Integrated Power Station


Before leaving the factory, all of the components of the Integrated Power Station are pre-assembled on a single base plate, known as a "skid". This can save you a considerable amount in installation costs when erecting utility-scale PV projects. Plus, the skid offers extra space for additional equipment such as monitoring accessories, weather stations, or tracker control units

One IPS, many possibilities

Two outdoor central inverters are used in our Integrated Power Station. We offer the IPS 1.1 with 1,100 kVA and the IPS 2.0 with 2,000 kVA as standard. On request, we also supply intermediate sizes, including stations with asymmetrical inverter power.

Easy operation and maintenance

The fully digital control unit provides added convenience, making operation and maintenance user-friendly and allowing for a multitude of options for monitoring and communications:

  • The clearly arranged colour TFT display shows detailed operating data (available for the IPS 2.0).
  • Remote, up-to-the-minute monitoring of the system is available via the Internet.
  • The operation of all critical components is continuously monitored and potential faults are reported immediately.


  • Inverters, disconnection units, transformer, and accessories all on a single base plate
  • Fully assembled, wired, and tested at a KACO new energy factory
  • Maximum configuration flexibility thanks to wide MPPT range and 1,100 V open circuit voltage
  • Continuous monitoring

Further information

Powering one of the world's largest PV park projects

The IPS is the technological heart of the so-called "Alamo" solar parks in San Antonio, Texas, which currently constitutes the world's largest municipal PV project. By 2016, the seven parks are set to supply electricity to 70,000 households in the USA's seventh-largest city.
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