blueplanet 2200 TL3 outdoor

Big is powerful.

The blueplanet 2200 TL3 outdoor is a central inverter with an AC power of 2,200 kVA.
This robust power house has been designed with the economic development of utility-scale solar parks in mind.

blueplanet 2200 TL3 outdoor
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blueplanet 2200 TL3 outdoor


The blueplanet 2200 TL3 outdoor features the protection class NEMA 3R. It is therefore safe to install outdoors.

Due to its robust design the inverter recommends itself as part of an Integrated Power Station (IPS). Inverters, medium voltage transformer and disconnection units for the DC and AC side are mounted together on a single base plate, known as a "skid", to create a ready-to-use, functional unit. Plus, the skid offers extra space for additional equipment such as monitoring accessories, weather stations, or tracker control units.

Whether you deploy the inverter as a stand-alone device or built into our IPS solution, it caters for the growing need for fast and efficient execution of large-scale solar farms.

Cold, warm, hot: Here's your efficient inverter for any climate

The efficiency reaches outstanding 98.8%. What is more, the inverter delivers its full rated power in a broad ambient temperature range from -20 to +50 °C, making it perfectly suitable for use in desert-like as well as polar climates.



  • 98.3% efficiency for maximum yields
  • Three power stacks for high availability
  • Continuous full output power at ambient temperatures of up to +50 °C


  • NEMA 3R enclosure for outdoor use
  • Adjustable cos phi from 0 ind. to 0 cap.
  • Turnkey solution available with inverters, disconnection units, transformer, and accessories


  • Continuous, remote monitoring
  • 7’’ color TFT LCD with touch panel for convenient operation
  • Sunspec Modbus TCP and RTU for flexible monitoring and control