blueplanet 29.0 TL3 LV

Up with economy, down with costs.

The blueplanet 29.0 TL3 LV is an inverter with lower AC output voltage developed for commercial and industrial solar PV systems, mainly in Latin America and the Caribbean.

blueplanet 29.0 TL3 LV
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blueplanet 29.0 TL3 LV


The blueplanet 29.0 TL3 LV is a transformerless three-phase string inverter based on the AC output voltage: 29 kW @ 240Vac, 29 kW @ 220Vac, 27.5 kW @ 208Vac

The inverter is designed to ensure high return on investment from both performance as well as the reduction of installation and component procurement costs. The inverter is lightweight and compact, making it conveniently mountable and transportable.

An integrated combiner also eliminates expensive superfluous procurement costs in continuation of the company’s “customer-driven” product development strategy.


  • Compact and lightweight for wall mounting
  • 0Adjustable cos phi from 0.3 ind. to 0.3 cap. for special reactive power requirements
  • Up to 150% inverter oversizing possible
  • Large cable cross-sections possible for copper and aluminium cables
  • Input voltage up to 1,100 V for flexibility and safety in the DC design
  • Cost-saving DC and AC input configurations
  • Wide MPP range for flexible string design