The aim of KACO new energy GmbH is to become the world market leader in the area of inverters for photovoltaic systems. This is a very ambitious target and it cannot be achieved alone. KACO new energy suppliers will be integrated in the value chain process as an important partner, who will accompany us along the way to reaching our aim. Finding the right partners and integrating them in the value chain is a long process consisting of several steps.

As a potential supplier, you will find here an initial overview about the full spectrum of materials required by KACO new energy before contacting us and you can independently download all the necessary documents for collaborating with the purchasing department.

Becoming a Supplier

If you have a similar appreciation of a business connection, view our full spectrum of materials. This gives you initial insight into the materials which are regularly required. We suggest that every supplier completely answers the supplier self-disclosure, because it gives us an initial overview of your company and it presents us your power spectrum.



Corporate Social Responsibility

As a global company, KACO new energy bears a great responsibility. We conduct our business in accordance with the laws and regulations of all countries in which we operate. Corporate responsibility is ingrained in our corporate philosophy and is a part of our corporate culture. Corporate social responsibility entails not only the company's efforts in the area of environmental and climate protection, but also our intensive involvement in social and ethical areas. Staying true to the motto "Committed to mankind", we want to share the company’s success with those who are less privileged, too.

In today’s globalised economy, we have to deal with a large number of suppliers. As we will not tolerate any breach of our basic values in the area of corporate social responsibility, we safeguard these values by using a code of conduct based on the UN Global Compact initiative. Through our social involvement, we want to make a contribution towards a society that is ready to meet future challenges. We are convinced: the more we integrate social responsibility into our business, the more successful we will be in the market.