Utility-scale photovoltaic solutions.

One of the most important PV projects of our time is currently being developed in San Antonio, Texas. CPS Energy, the municipal utility company of the USA’s seventh largest city, is building a solar power station here to provide electricity to 70,000 households.

All in one and ready to feed in: the Integrated Power Station

Integrated Power Station (IPS).

Whilst looking for an appropriate inverter concept, OCI Solar Power who were commissioned with the construction, decided on KACO new energy central inverters in a special variant. Each IPS, short for Integrated Power Station, consists of two outdoor versions of these central inverters plus external transformers, circuit-breaking devices and additional accessories mounted on a skid and ready for connection.

Alamo City becomes Solar City

The Alamo 1 solar park has been providing clean energy to 7,000 households since the end of 2013.

The total of seven “Alamo” solar power plants, named after the famous fort, supply 400 megawatts. Alamo 1, at 41 megawatts and located in the south of the metropolis, was the first of the solar parks to be completed. The park has continuously been supplying solar energy to 7,000 households since the end of 2013. On completion of the entire project in 2016, CPS Energy will reach its target of 1,500 megawatts of clean power by 2020 several years earlier than expected.

Pioneer of the environmental movement and world-famous author Jeremy Rifkin dedicated an entire chapter of his 2011 book "The Third Industrial Revolution" to the lighthouse project in the Texas Triangle. His conclusion is that San Antonio "could become America's first low-emission city". And that includes power plant technology from KACO new energy.

New inverter generation lowers costs

Central inverter blueplanet 1000 TL3.

The Alamo 1 to 4 solar parks are equipped with the 1.1 megawatt IPS whereas the remaining parks will be built even more efficiently with the 2.0 megawatts IPS, based on the blueplanet 1000 TL3 central inverter. That will result in higher performance, but fewer IPS units and consequently, less logistics and cabling.

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