The best of all worlds

One world, one inverter: Ultraverters are compatible with all grid voltages.

The Ultraverter system is composed of two components, the blueplanet ultraverter inverter and the blueplanet ultragate grid connection box. In them, they unite all of the advantages of DC optimizers as well as conventional microinverters and string inverters, combined with an innovative distributed architecture approach. The Ultraverter system is suitable for both private and commercial PV arrays.

High reliability, low system costs: The blueplanet ultraverter inverters convert DC voltage into a similarly low AC voltage. As a result their components are subjected to less stress, making high-voltage resistant components entirely superfluous.

High yields: Every blueplanet ultraverter optimises the performance of "its own" module so that shading or soiling make less of an impact. That results in lower mismatch losses than with conventional PV generators. The serially connected blueplanet ultraflex even out any voltage losses in the string – and if necessary also bridge defective modules.

Simple logistics and applications: The Ultraverter system is the first PV product which can be put into operation the world over without having to make any adaptations – a building block for all grid voltages and grid frequencies.

PREVIEW. Initially available on the US-American market from the end of 2015 onwards.

blueplanet ultraverter 250

Main functions

  • DC/AC conversion
  • Differentiated MPP tracking
  • Detailed data collection
  • Safe disconnection

The blueplanet ultraverter are inverters operating at lower voltage levels. Regardless of whether they are pre-installed or fitted retroactively, they transform the module into an AC source and can be serially-connected until the desired voltage is reached. String disconnection right down to module level means that safety during service and maintenance is guaranteed. The AC switching and operation at low voltage levels ensure maximum safety when handling the blueplanet ultraverter. At their current state of development, the blueplanet ultraverter are compatible with 60 and 72 cell modules.

blueplanet ultragate

Main functions

  • String monitoring and management on the AC side
  • Fulfillment of all safety aspects when feeding into the grid with grid protection relays
  • Communication interfaces between the blueplanet ultraflex and the remote monitoring system
  • Optimisation of self-use and yield monitoring
  • Surge protection

The Ultraverter brainpower is to be found in the blueplanet ultragate grid connection box. The blueplanet ultragate is responsible for controlling the strings, the connection to the public grid and the communication with the operator. The connection output of each blueplanet ultragate is modularly scalable: Single-phase it ranges from 1 to 11 kW, and three-phase from 3 to 20 kW.

External version

The Ultraverter system is the simplest solution when it comes to extending or retro-fitting an existing PV array. The serial connection with one blueplanet ultraverter inverter per module makes it possible to connect strings of different outputs, directions and even manufacturers. The only real criterion for the blueplanet ultragate is that the individual module strings add up to the locally-stipulated grid voltage.

Integrated version

Together with well-established module manufacturers, we are developing a solution to integrate the blueplanet ultraverter straight into the module connection box. Such a "smart module" thus offers all of the advantages of a conventional PV module and can be installed in the same way. Plus: This "piggyback" version saves on packaging, warehousing and shipping costs. Furthermore, there is no need for on-site cabling of external inverters.

Further information

The Ultraverter concept was awarded Germany’s most prestigious photovoltaics award at the "30th Photovoltaics Solar Energy Symposium" in Bad Staffelstein.

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