Battery storage: charging and discharging made easy.

The blueplanet gridsave 50.0 TL3-S is a bidirectional battery inverter with an output of 50 kilowatts for commercial and large-scale storage applications that are based on different types of batteries, for example lithium-ion.

As part of an open storage system, its grid management capabilities support public utilities, distribution system operators, EPCs and large businesses in balancing generation and load of power networks.


  • 50 kVA rated power
  • 98.5% efficiency
  • Capable of reactive power
  • Supports DC parallel operation
  • Scalable system
  • AC-coupled
  • Ready for all types of batteries, e.g. lithium-ion
  • Open Sunspec Modbus TCP for use with different Energy Management Systems
  • Compact IP65 housing for outdoor wall mounting


> Download data sheet for more information