12,000 square meters of floor space, 400 work stations, more than 200,000 units per annum: Since 2011 we have been operating one of the world’s largest and most modern production sites for solar PV inverters in Neckarsulm. Each and every inverter runs smoothly through the entire production process on a single workpiece carrier – because this is already equipped with all of the commissioned components.

The "breathing factory"

In order to successfully meet the fluctuating demands of the photovoltaic market our production is designed in two stages. The basic construction of our solar PV inverters takes place in step one. After that we send the units to the completely-automated high-bay warehouse – equipped with space for 1,200 pallets and 16,000 bin storage bays. If demand rises we can complete the production of the ordered end version within the shortest possible space of time.

Before despatch, the inverters undergo important functionality tests in the testing station, which is also fully-automated. We can test over 50 units simultaneously.

A pure bundle of efficiency

Both the building, as well as the operating processes, were designed for maximum energy savings. Some of the measures are:

•    Electricity supply from our own large-scale PV plant
•    Heat recovery from the DC power supplies
•    Intelligent building control systems
•    Use of the braking energy generated in the logistics plant

The result is CO2-neutral production.

These high standards and best-practice processes set the standards for all of our production sites world-wide. As such, KACO new energy is demonstrating just what sustainable industrial production can look like in times of the "Energiewende": The highest energy and manufacturing efficiency combined with climate neutral production.